Finding the Best Roofing Company in Kenora Ontario

How old is your roof? You may not know that information, other than it has been there as long as you have owned your home or business in Kenora, Ontario. We urge you to contact us to have it inspected. Don’t wait until you experience harsh weather, or the damages up there allow a leak in your home to happen. The weather around this are can be very harsh in the winter months, but damages can occur all year long.

We have plenty of experience with roofing needs around this area. You aren’t going to be disappointed with what we have to offer. We will make sure you get a high level of customer service, great materials for your roof to last, and a price that is hard to beat. We are well known around the area for our roofing commitment to customers.

What do I need?

One of the most common questions we get from business and homeowners in the Kenora, Ontario area is what do I need? That is a very good question as it could range from simple repairs to the entire roof needing to be redone. If there are considerable damages, there may be joints under the roofing that need to be replaced too. When you contact us for a free estimate, we will inspect every inch of it.

This process allows us to sit down with you and share our findings. We are going to be honest with you and share what the pros and cons are for each of the options we feel you have. As a professional roofing company, we don’t want to give you a quick fix that simply won’t hold up over time or due to the elements. We make it easy for you to learn what you are up against and then offer you viable solutions.

What Types of Materials are Used?

Another common question we get is in regard to the types of materials used. We realize there isn’t a one size fits all option when it comes to roofing needs. In addition to keeping out moisture and offering a barrier, you want the look to be very nice. You don’t want your roof to be an eyesore in the neighborhood or to make your business look less than professional.
We will share with you the best types of materials offered for your roofing needs in Kenora, Ontario. You can be confident though all of the materials we offer are top of the line. We never compromise when it comes to the value a roof can offer. The right materials for this area play an essential role in how well it will hold up for you. In addition to different styles, there are also different colors. You get to pick what you want in place.

Frontier Roofing, Well Known and Trusted

As you look for roofing referrals in the area, we are confident our business name is going to be put out there again and again. We have worked hard to create a wonderful reputation and to get our business known. We will create a customized plan of action to take care of your roofing needs and to keep the costs reasonable. We will help you to pick the right materials for the look you want combined with the protection you really need. Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you. There is never any obligation, but we are confident once you learn about all we offer, you aren’t going to hire any other roofing company to complete the work!